Pohung Chen
Product & Engineering
Taiwanese American Living in London
Scroobly is a web tool that uses machine learning powered pose and face tracking to allow people to create simple character animations by simply moving their body in front of a webcam.
Shuwa Gesture Toolkit
Shuwa Gesture Toolkit
Shuwa Gesture Toolkit is a framework that detects and classifies arbitrary gestures in short videos. It is particularly useful for recognizing basic words in sign languages. Shuwa Gesture Toolkit also allows you to train new gestures, so it can be trained to recognize any sign from any sign language in the world.
Dance Movement
YouTube FanFest Dance Movement
Worked with Matt Steffanina to create an interactive dance application that encourage fans to learn new dance moves, and share an AI composed video of them dancing together on social media. We picked the best dance submissions to be included in the first all digital YouTube FanFest in 2020.
Fan React
YouTube FanFest Fan React
Launched an interactive experience with YouTube FanFest 2020 for fans to be part of the show through playful visualizations triggered from the live comment box. Featured with various performers including K-pop girl group ITZY and Indian rapper Emiway Bantai.
Google Lip Sync
Partnered with Australian singer Tones and I to create an experimental lip synchronization game using face tracking and Tensorflow.js. Also used in Miley Cyrus' "Miley In Layers" virtual concert campaign in 2021.
Miniature city installation promoting AI and camera features in the Pixel 4 phone launched in the SoftBank flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo.
Google Daydream
Experimental XR technology at Google.
Robot companion who can't wait to play games with you.
Robotic battle race cars for iOS and Android.
Digital + physical hybrid tabletop games powered by computer vision.
Leap Motion
Novel user interfaces using hand-based motion controls.
First-person game that blends 2D and 3D to solve perspective puzzles.
Experimental game inside of a psycho-reactive computer program.