pohung chen
san francisco, california

Google VR
Google VR
Currently working on software and interaction research for experimental VR/AR hardware at Google.
Worked on Cozmo at Anki. Cozmo is a cute real-life robotic companion who can't wait to play games with you.
Worked on UI/frontend code for Anki OVERDRIVE, real-life robotic battle race cars for iOS and Android.
Made digital/physical hybrid tabletop games powered by computer vision. Worked on Tangram and Numbers. You can get Osmo at playosmo.com or in Apple Retail Stores.
Leap Motion
Motion controls. Futuristic user interfaces for 3D applications, games, and virtual reality hardware. Launch team for the first Leap Motion Controller consumer release in July 2013.
A first-person puzzle game that challenges the player to use 3D perspective tricks to solve 2D platforming puzzles. Featured in the Independent Games Festival in 2013. Press coverage include PC Gamer, GameSpot, EuroGamer, Destructoid, and The Verge. A few prominent youtubers did videos of Perspective, including Lewis and Simon from the Yogscast.
An experimental narrative action game called Nous. It was a student showcase winner at the Independent Games Festival in 2012 and named #2 top free PC game of 2011 by PC Gamer (we lost to Team Fortress 2 😭).
Microsoft Game Studios
Analytics and cloud services for games on Microsoft game platforms (XBOX 360, Windows).
Raspy Hill
Raspy Hill
A short survival horror game made in 48 hours for MolyJam 2013. Markiplier seemed to really enjoy it.